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About TMZ Behavioral Care

Who We Are

TMZ Behavioral Care is a mental health care service that was created due to the rising need for mental health conditions. The shortage of providers has caused a lot of damage to our population and we believe that by using telehealth, the accessibility and comfortability of being treated at your own home will make it easy to look for help and maintain your daily activity happily.

Above all, we also understand that every condition is unique. For this reason, we like to personalize our services so that we can address each symptom in the context of each personal experience and perception.

We are all aware that mental health issues can trigger a domino effect on the overall body of the individual. Thus, we take the time to understand the psychosocial factors that may contribute to their symptoms.
With this, our services are to create a balance between our mind and our body and we utilize a holistic technique that aims to support clients in overcoming their challenges and living a better quality of life.

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Our Mission

We would like to improve the community’s understanding of mental health and the mind-body connection between physical and mental illness. We aim to focus on educating our patients and their respective families on how to identify early warning signs of mental illness and act upon them. We are making our services accessible and comfortable to everyone by utilizing telemedicine. With this, our clients can focus more on managing their issues and feel more at ease to open up and be active participants in their sessions.

Our Vision

It is our ambition to help create a world with no stigma around behavioral health or mental health issue. We want to collaborate with others and actively look for partners to help more people improve their state of mental well-being and live their best life.

Our Psychiatrist

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Dedicated to supporting individuals in managing their behavioural health issues.

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Better access to the best care, for a better you. Get support, answers and expert care for mental health and substance use disorders.

Dr Charline Boufin, MSN, ARNP, DNP, PMHNP-BC


Our team is composed of licensed behavioral health professionals that are passionate about what they do. Read more about their experiences and credentials below..

Charline Boufin is a board-certified psychiatric mental health. She is also a dedicated and caring nurse above all. She creates a safe and therapeutic environment for holistic wellness. She makes her decision together with the patient or love ones and utilizes evidence-based practice and medication management to treat depression; anxiety; ADD/ADHD, insomnia; bipolar disorder; schizophrenia; PTSD; substance abuse/addiction; insomnia; OCD; and other mental health conditions. She also tries her best to respond to her patients’ emails in a timely manner.
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