Depression in Davie, FL

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Depression in Davie, FL

Understanding Depression with TMZ Behavioral Care

Depression, often referred to as major depressive disorder, is a prevalent mood disorder that can profoundly impact an individual’s daily life. It’s not just about feeling down; it’s a profound change in how one thinks, feels, and acts.

Depression in the U.S.

Major depressive disorder is widespread in the United States. Statistics from the American Psychiatric Association indicate that nearly one in six people will grapple with depression at some point, with about one in 15 experiencing it annually.

Recognizing The Signs

Depression manifests differently in everyone. Some might feel overwhelming anger, while others struggle to leave their bed. The intensity of symptoms can also vary. Common indicators include:

Unraveling the Causes

Depression's origins can be multifaceted:

Traumatic Events

Events like the loss of a loved one or job can trigger depression. If grief persists beyond two weeks, it might be depression.


Chemical imbalances in the brain can lead to depression, though the exact causes remain under investigation.

Physical Heath Issues

Conditions like thyroid problems can induce depressive symptoms. Addressing the primary condition can alleviate the depression.

The Genetic Link

Research indicates a potential genetic predisposition to depression. For instance, if one identical twin has depression, the other has a 70% likelihood of developing it. Genetics plays a role, but environmental factors also contribute significantly.

Navigating Through Depression

The good news is that around 80% of those with depression can find relief with the proper treatment. Options include:

TMZ Behavioral Care's Telehealth Initiative

Depression can make even simple tasks, like leaving the house, daunting. TMZ Behavioral Care's telehealth services offer a solution. Through secure video chats, you can connect with a dedicated mental health professional from the comfort of your home using your preferred device. Telehealth ensures that quality care is always within reach.

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