Family Therapy In Davie, FL​

Family practitioner video calling senior couple and waving hand at laptop computer | TMZ Behavioral Care in Davie, FL

Family Therapy Telehealth Services at TMZ Behavioral Care in Davie, FL​

Understanding Family Therapy at TMZ Behavioral Care
At TMZ Behavioral Care, we recognize that families are unique ecosystems with their dynamics and challenges. Family therapy, or family counseling, is a supportive journey we offer to navigate the complexities of family life. Whether coping with a significant transition, a family member’s mental health struggles, or simply aiming to strengthen your family bond, our therapy sessions are tailored to your family’s needs. We offer flexible options, including in-office sessions, home visits, and a comprehensive telehealth program for remote support via phone, video, or messaging.

Family practitioner video calling senior couple and waving hand at laptop computer | TMZ Behavioral Care in Davie, FL

Family Therapy Telehealth Services at TMZ Behavioral Care in Davie, FL​​

Defining Psychiatry: What Does It Entail?
Psychiatry deals with diagnosing, treating, and preventing mental, emotional, and behavioral disorders. As medical professionals, psychiatrists have the expertise to differentiate between mental health challenges and other medical conditions that might present with similar symptoms.

Family therapy at TMZ Behavioral Care is designed to mend and enhance relationships within the family unit. It’s a practical approach for a variety of situations, from marital discord and financial stress to parent-child conflicts, the effects of substance abuse, or the challenges of caring for a loved one with special needs. Our therapy addresses critical issues such as

  • Coping with illness or loss within the family
  • Navigating separation or divorce
  • Supporting family members with special needs
  • Resolving behavioral issues in domestic or educational settings
  • Managing extended family dynamics

Our therapists are skilled in multiple therapeutic approaches, ensuring your family receives the most effective treatment. These include

  • Systemic Family Therapy: We view your family as a whole, understanding each member’s role and the impact of their actions on the family dynamic.
  • Structural Family Therapy: We delve into family structures to foster healthier interactions and establish clear boundaries.
  • Strategic Family Therapy: We target and transform the interactions that contribute to a family member’s problematic behavior, especially in times of crisis.

TMZ Behavioral Care utilizes various techniques to foster communication, emotional intelligence, and acceptance. Our methods include

  • Behavioral Techniques: We employ practical skills and exercises like role-playing to tackle specific family issues.
  • Psychodynamic Techniques: We explore emotional interpretations and responses within the family to encourage healthier interactions.
  • Structural Techniques: We guide families to understand and adjust their internal dynamics for a more harmonious home life.

With locations in 33 states, TMZ Behavioral Care is committed to providing accessible family therapy services. Our offerings vary by location, ensuring specialized care that meets your local needs.

Embarking on family therapy with us involves an initial assessment to identify core issues, followed by a collaborative treatment plan. We emphasize open communication, learning, and a shared commitment to positive change. For virtual sessions, we recommend a private space where all participants can engage comfortably and confidentially.

Consider family therapy if you notice the following

  • Uncertainty about family leadership
  • Withdrawal of a family member
  • Poor communication
  • Frequent conflict or drama
  • Emotionally charged gatherings
  • Presence of violence or its threat

Engaging in family therapy with TMZ Behavioral Care can lead to

  • Enhanced understanding among family members
  • Improved communication skills
  • Proactive conflict resolution
  • Effective coping strategies
  • Decreased stress and anxiety

While marriage counseling is exclusive to couples, family therapy at TMZ Behavioral Care encompasses a broader spectrum, including familial relationships. Depending on your situation, you may benefit from either or both services to foster healthier relationships at home.
TMZ Behavioral Care is here to support and strengthen your family’s journey to well-being.

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